Haus Angela

You will feel immediately comfortable in our well-kept,cosy home. It is  located at a quiet side street, only a few meters from the village centre.Enjoy your holiday in our south-side apartments,with fully equipped kitchen,living room,bedroom,shower/WC,radio,cableTV,furnished balcony or access to the garden. You can do sports directly in front of our house which is located at the recreational river resort "Goinger Hausbach" and at a biking track. Our house is perfectly located for winter sports, since the following is within a few minutes walking distance: the skiing school,exercise slopes an the lift providing access to the skiing area "Wilder Kaiser-Brixental", as well as the Nordic skiing tracks at the "Kaiserloipe"

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Vorlesungen für Kinder in der Bibliothek

Vorlesungen für Kinder in der Bibliothek

05.08.2021Going am Wilden Kaiser

Vorlesungen für Kinder in der Bibliothek

Woe: Bibliothek Going

Einmal im Monat wird die Lust am Lesen in der Goinger Bibliothek geweckt. Jedes Kind findet hier das richtige Buch für seinen Geschmack. Außerdem finden zwei Vorlesestunden für kleine und große Kinder statt. Ab 15:30 Uhr für 3-6 Jährige und ab 16:00 Uhr für 6-10 Jährige.


Going am Wilden Kaiser

Cancelled: Handwerkskunstmarkt


Going am Wilden Kaiser

Traditional mass in the mountains at the Blattlalm



GOING live - Bluatschink- family concert